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A Smile for YOU 120x110cm A Smile for YOU 120x110cm Alley of Dreams 117x110cm Alley of Dreams 117x110cm Blue Ammonite Triptych 3x30x30 Blue Ammonite Triptych 3x30x30 Blue Green Ammonite 3x30x30cm Blue Green Ammonite 3x30x30cm Butterflies 40x40cm Butterflies 40x40cm Chi  100x100cmChi 100x100cm Chi-Spiral  2 60x60cm Chi-Spiral 2 60x60cm Color Splash 40x40cm SOLDColor Splash 40x40cm SOLD Color-Forms 3x30x30cm (2)Color-Forms 3x30x30cm (2) Color-Vortex 90x90cm SOLDColor-Vortex 90x90cm SOLD Colourdance 70x160cm SOLDColourdance 70x160cm SOLD Connected 77x77cm Connected 77x77cm Cosmic-Mandala 90x90cm Cosmic-Mandala 90x90cm Crackle-Red 30x30cm Crackle-Red 30x30cm Feelings 77x64cmFeelings 77x64cm Fire-Flower 30x30cmFire-Flower 30x30cm Floating 90x90cmFloating 90x90cm Free Tibet 2 30x30cm   2Free Tibet 2 30x30cm 2 Free Tibet 40x40 Free Tibet 40x40 Geometric-Forms orange 1 30x30cmGeometric-Forms orange 1 30x30cm Geometric-Forms orange 2 30x30cmGeometric-Forms orange 2 30x30cm Geometric-Forms orange 3 30x30cm.Geometric-Forms orange 3 30x30cm. Goldspiral 30x30cm (2)Goldspiral 30x30cm (2) Goldwings 3x30x30cmGoldwings 3x30x30cm Grail   63x70cmGrail 63x70cm Green Light 1 40x40cmGreen Light 1 40x40cm Green Light 90x90cm SOLDGreen Light 90x90cm SOLD Heat 37x37cm2 (2)Heat 37x37cm2 (2) Horus 120x180cm Horus 120x180cm Human-Circle 0108 40x40cmHuman-Circle 0108 40x40cm Ilios 100x100cm l Ilios 100x100cm l Illuminati 140x140cm Illuminati 140x140cm Joy 1 40x40cm 080430Joy 1 40x40cm 080430 Kassandra 30x30cm Kassandra 30x30cm Ligh-Spiral 30x30cmLigh-Spiral 30x30cm Light-Dancer 50x50cmLight-Dancer 50x50cm Lotus 40x40cmLotus 40x40cm Magic Spiral (Elements) 130x130cm Magic Spiral (Elements) 130x130cm Mandala 80cm(3)Mandala 80cm(3) Moonwave 30x30 40x40 50x50 0308Moonwave 30x30 40x40 50x50 0308 Ouborus with Ammonite  77x77cm Ouborus with Ammonite 77x77cm Pentagrammaton 100cm Pentagrammaton 100cm Power 70x70cm1Power 70x70cm1 Rainbow Color Study Farbstudie 130x26Rainbow Color Study Farbstudie 130x26 Rainbow-Crystal 1107 30x30cmRainbow-Crystal 1107 30x30cm Rainbow-Spiral 02 40x40cm Rainbow-Spiral 02 40x40cm Rainbow-Spiral 1 77x77cm Rainbow-Spiral 1 77x77cm Rainbow-Waves 30x30cmRainbow-Waves 30x30cm Red Ammonite 1Red Ammonite 1 Red Sun 3x60x30Red Sun 3x60x30 Schnoerkelwirbel 30x30Schnoerkelwirbel 30x30 Sea of Tranquility 30x30x4cmSea of Tranquility 30x30x4cm Smile  50x50cmSmile 50x50cm Smiley 90x90cmSmiley 90x90cm Smiling Su 0108 40x40cmSmiling Su 0108 40x40cm Solaris 4x30x30cmSolaris 4x30x30cm Spiral-Mandala 01 30x30cm Spiral-Mandala 01 30x30cm Sun ca 180x120cmSun ca 180x120cm Sun-Gate   125x185cmSun-Gate 125x185cm The Gate 90x90cm SOLDThe Gate 90x90cm SOLD The Window 130x90 cm The Window 130x90 cm Triplex  Regenbogen  3x30x30cmTriplex Regenbogen 3x30x30cm Triplex Sonne Regenbogen 40x50x40 SOLDTriplex Sonne Regenbogen 40x50x40 SOLD Waiting 50x50cmWaiting 50x50cm Warmth 120x130cm SOLDWarmth 120x130cm SOLD Watching You 50x50cm blueWatching You 50x50cm blue Watching You 65x65cm redWatching You 65x65cm red Waves 01 50x20cm Waves 01 50x20cm Waves 02 50x20cm Waves 02 50x20cm Waves 03 30x30cm Waves 03 30x30cm Waves 04 30x30cm Waves 04 30x30cm Photo Album Maker by VisualLightBox.com v3.0